Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Even Death Passage

“You serve a dead God,” Ibrahim countered. “A weak, pathetic, defeated, crucified, dead God.”

“He was all those things, you’re right, and that is why I love Him. He was all that for me, for now.”

“You’re a fool,” Ibrahim sneered. Feeling his anger swelling within him, he decided to return Isaac to his cell.

“You can’t kill me,” Isaac called as Ibrahim closed the door.

Ibrahim stuck his head back into the cell and said, “I can, and I will if I need to.”

“You can’t kill me, because I can’t die, because of that weak, pathetic, defeated, crucified, dead God. I already died with Him.”

The door closed with a thump. Ibrahim marched up the stairs and out onto the porch, hoping the crisp air would cool his rage. He was not Hatim. He didn’t do any of this because he liked it. In fact, he hated it, but it was Allah’s will. He was but Allah’s instrument, and Allah was not defeated. Allah conquers. But he could not confuse himself with Allah. He must remain calm. He must stick to the plan. He must be but an instrument, a vessel. Allah’s wrath was not his own.

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