Friday, January 28, 2011

The True Font of Teaching

25. Further, since some men send us off elsewhere for seeking truth, now to the ancients, now to the most learned ones, now to the fathers and the traditions of predecessors, it is therefore necessary to carefully observe with respect to that that Christ and the apostles did not cite any fathers or their traditions or customs, which they no doubt would have been able to produce abundantly in their favor, in that way greatly increasing the respect that the Pharisees and priests had for their authority, as well as the respect of the people. They in fact produced no such thing, not the slightest either in their favor or contrary to it. Instead, they expressly found fault with the traditions of men. This demonstrates that all truth is to be drawn from the font of the Scriptures alone. We have been built upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles alone and upon that we must establish the church and the religion. We must strive to imitate and hear them lest we pay excessive attention to what men say, the traditions of men, and what kinds of rules or religions they might endeavor to command or set forth for us.
How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures, 84-85

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