Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sacred Meditations Passage

This Sunday is Saints Triumphant Sunday in some of our churches. Here is a passage from one of Gerhard's devotions on that topic:

O pined after life! O exceeding blessedness, in which the Most Holy Trinity is present, who will be gazed upon without end, who will be loved without wearying, who will be praised without monotony, who will bring our desires to completion! Seeing God will surpass all joy. Seeing Christ, living with Christ, and hearing Christ will surpass all the desires of our heart. O Jesus Christ, the sweetest Bridegroom of my soul, when will you lead your bride into your royal palace? What could she possibly lack there? What more could she desire or expect in that place “where God will be all in all” (1 Corinthians 15:28)? The sight will be beautiful, the taste as honey, the sound as a harp, the smell as incense, the touch as a flower. God will be everything and he will distribute good to each according to the desire of his heart. If you desire life, if health, if peace, if honor, there God will be all in all. What is here shrouded in mystery, even to the doctors of the church, there will be obvious, even to small children. Christ will be present with us in his blessed humanity, and with the sweetest voice he will preach on all of the once-hidden mysteries of our salvation. His voice is sweet and his face is lovely (Song of Solomon 2:14). Grace pours from his lips and he is crowned with honor and glory (Psalm 45:3; Psalm 8:61).
1 Psalm 8:5 in English.

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